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Elixir Digest#267


Elixir developers are in demand on Vettery

Vettery is an online hiring marketplace that's changing the way people hire and get hired. Ready for a bold career move? Make a free profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers today.


Exaop: A minimal elixir library for aspect-oriented programming

Unlike common AOP patterns, Exaop does not introduce any additional behavior to existing functions, as it may bring complexity and make the control flow obscured. Elixir developers prefer explicit over implicit, thus invoking the cross-cutting behavior by simply calling the plain old function generated by pointcut definitions is better than using some magic like module attributes and macros to decorate and weave a function.

Ecto: When to cast

People starting out with ecto are often confused by all the methods of getting changes applied to a changeset and therefore the database. Especially the options around assocications are often problematic. To bring some clarity into the matter one first needs to understand a thing about the architecture ecto and changesets operate under.

Headless CMS fun with Phoenix LiveView and Airtable

In this new tutorial, we are going to be building a headless content management system consisting of two main elements, which are an Airtable base and a Phoenix application powered by LiveView. Let's take a more in-depth look at them.

Communicating between LiveViews on the same page

If you have multiple LiveViews on the same page, it's perhaps not obvious how they can communicate with one another. This post describes a few ways.

Ecto PSQL Extras

Elixir port of Heroku PG Extras. The goal of this project is to provide powerful insights into the PostgreSQL database for Elixir apps that are not using the Heroku PostgreSQL plugin.