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Elixir Digest#339


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this week's favorite

Creating testable HTTP API client code in Elixir

As part of my day job I’ve had to create a couple of HTTP API clients and after some experimentation I’ve ended up with a code structure that I like and that I feel makes testing code that uses a JSON API client easier.

Link Phoenix debug page stack trace to your editor

If you ever worked on a Phoenix app, you might have seen this debug page when an error is raised.

From Javascript to Elixir in 14 days

The excitement in the Elixir community is palpable. Few languages spur developer passion like it. I’d seen the excitement but hadn’t felt it myself. I’d heard my friend rant about it, and in the spare moments between spare moments, I glanced at the syntax and toyed with a couple of hobby projects, but no more than that.

Elixir in the eyes of Node.js developer

I discovered that the BEAM VM and Elixir features could offer many benefits. So I decided to try and see how all the pieces are working together in an actual application. I'd like to share some critical ecosystem points that convinced me to try.

What you need to know about logging in Elixir with Logger

If you have bug or you app is not working as expected, your log files may be critical to fixing the issue. We’ve covered the basics of debugging and now we’ll discuss what you need know about logging in your Elixir Phoenix application with Logger.