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Elixir Digest#296

this week's favorite

Towards Maintainable Elixir: The Core and the Interface

As developers, we spend a lot of our time inside the source code, so it could be argued that it is an important part of our working environment. To do our job efficiently we need our environment to be well organized. In development, this is the role of code design.

Have You Heard the Good News About Elixir?

This post is a “behind the scenes” look at the tech that makes up the X-Plane massive multiplayer (MMO) server. It’s only going to be of interest to programming nerds.

Elixir: Ecto — find records on empty associations

Let’s imagine a silly example where you were writing a software to manage your franchise of electronic stores. You wanted to find store locations that run out of both Sega Genesis consoles and VCR players (I know, I’m old.) Being a programming nerd and recently picked up on Elixir, you would want to write your own Ecto query to find those. How would you do this?

Elixir in Production: Papercups

In the interview, we talk about their open-source involvement, the benefits of Elixir for their startup, and which libraries they have found to be useful for their project.

Learn Elixir: The Ultimate Guide

The article has two parts. In the first one, I review resources for beginner Elixir developers. Once you finish up with these, the second part is a collection of further suggestions to help you improve your skills.