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Elixir Digest#311

this week's favorite

Good and bad Elixir

I’ve seen a lot of elixir at this point, both good and bad. Through all of that code, I’ve seen similar patterns that tend to lead to worse code. So I thought I would document some of them as well as better alternatives to these patterns.

Progressive Web Apps & Elixir Phoenix

Elixir Phoenix is one of the best choices out there for building server side web applications. So, how does one build progresive web apps on it?

How I handle static assets in my Phoenix apps

I no longer use Webpack. Now I use esbuild, postcss-cli, and cpx.

Phoenix: An introduction to Elixir's web framework

In this article, I’ll talk about Phoenix, why you should use it, and try to dispel some of the magic around it.

Elixir on industrial hardware, porting Nerves to e-RT3

The title says it all, I just tried porting Nerves and got it working!