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Elixir Digest#283

this week's favorite

Understanding Elixir mocking with Mox

This post is clearing up confusions around mocking in Elixir. If you were ever confused about mocks and stubs in Elixir, I made it 100% clear for you.

Phoenix LiveView Uploads Deep Dive

The release of Phoenix LiveView 0.15 with the new upload features make it easier than ever to enable rich, interactive file uploads with all the advanced features users expect from a modern application, such as file uploads, post processing, and direct to cloud uploads. We put together a step-by-step deep dive of adding LiveView uploads to the Twitter timeline clone application that we built in our last post. We start by covering basic server uploads, then take it up a notch by refactoring to direct to S3 support.

On Elixir Metaprogramming

Metaprogramming is a scary word: it sounds like voodoo for programmers, and in some manners it is. It is used by most popular Elixir libraries (Ecto, Phoenix and Elixir itself) and as I levelled up as an Elixir programmer, I needed to understand how it worked under the hood.

How To Upload Files In Elixir Phoenix JSON Api 

In my Elixir Phoenix application, I have a JSON API for mobile applications. One endpoint accepts file uploads. In this post, I explain my architectural decision why to implement file upload as multi-part form data.

Launching Python in Elixir

How to overcome Elixir’s limitations when dealing with big mathematical operations? Solving them in another language. This tutorial will show you how to launch Python in Elixir for selected problems. Read on!