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Phoenix is better but Rails is more popular

Most developers assume that Phoenix is a re-implimenation of Rails in the functional programming language Elixir. Make no mistake! It is not. It’s creator Chris McCord originally did recycle a couple of Rails ideas but just the ones he liked. For many technical problems the Phoenix community came up with different solutions. Many times with better ones.

Writing a Custom Action in ExAdmin

While working on a project utilizing Phoenix and ExAdmin, I found myself needing to customize how ExAdmin created a resource. ExAdmin makes this mostly simple, but that isn't super clear from the documentation.

Learning Regex with Elixir: Tips, Tricks & Caveats

Regular expressions, while they can be utterly cryptic, entirely illegible beasts, they are also the most direct language available to programmers for writing instructions on how to process text.

Zweitag at ElixirConf.EU 2017

From 4-5 May 2017 three software engineers of Zweitag attended the ElixirConf.EU in Barcelona, Spain, to gain some insights into the development of this modern language. Let’s look at some talks from ElixirConf.EU to get a glimpse of where the Elixir community is heading.

Clustering Elixir & Phoenix Channels

One of the draws of Elixir and the underlying Elixir VM is the powerful tools it provides for communicating between nodes on the network (often called Distributed Elixir or Distributed Erlang). Once Elixir nodes know about each other, it’s dead simple to send messages from a process on one node to a process on a different node.