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Elixir Alchemy – email series

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this week's favorite

Elmchemy — Write type-safe Elixir code with Elm’s syntax

We all love Elixir. It’s expressive, it’s extremely readable and - first and foremost - It runs on BEAM — an incredible virtual machine that turns concurrency into something as natural and expected as NullPointerExceptions in Java 7.

🌸 An opinionated Elixir source code formatter

exfmt formats Elixir source code according to a standard set of rules. It is inspired by Aaron VonderHaar's elm-format.

Elixir binding for Libpostal

A library for parsing/normalizing street addresses around the world. Powered by statistical NLP and open geo data.

So why Elixir + Phoenix?

There are times when a project’s requirements can’t be handled by a language you are accustomed to. In our case, we needed an efficient way to handle real-time messaging with huge amounts of traffic. Obviously, Ruby is not really suited for this, and we started to look in other directions.

Stateful WebSockets with Elixir’s GenStage

A colleague recently asked me how I might go about implementing incremental search against a third party API. While this is a well documented problem, there are a variety of ways to handle it, and I thought it made a good candidate to try something a little different.