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Performance variations of string substitution in Elixir

I had to do some string stripping in one of my apps which was a bit performance sensitive. I ended up benching multiple approaches to see the speed differences. The results are not that surprising.

Distillery releases with Docker multi-stage builds

This post describes the procedure to create lightweight Docker images, using multi-stage builds, to deploy Elixir applications packaged using Distillery. It is assumed that you’re familiar with Docker and Elixir.

Extending Elixir with C using NIF

A critical aspect of a programming language lies in its interoperability with other programming languages – being able to play nice with others. Whether it is to reuse legacy code or gain better performance with numerical computations, interoperating Elixir with C is a common practice [✥]. The two most popular ways for doing that is either by working with NIF‘s or with ports, using Porcelain.

Elixir v1.4.5 with support for Erlang 20

This version includes changes that make Elixir fully compatible with Erlang/OTP 20.

Multi Tenancy in Phoenix - S02E02

In this episode we are going to create a multi tenant phoenix 1.3 application using the apartmentex library. We are going to use subdomains to differentiate our tenants.