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 Write type-safe Elixir code with Elm’s syntax 

So imagine we’re writing a game. An amazingly innovative game. A game no-one has ever made before. With characters, levels, stats, and items kind of game. It is set in sci-fi-ish word so we can have crossbows, rifles, crowbars, blasters and what-not. Because we’re creating a block-buster and project managers rarely happen to have inconceivable deadline expectations, we were assigned a single task: our job is to create a module responsible for our main character — Gordon Freemonad.

Simple Phoenix Text Inputs with Formulator

Formulator brings some simplicity to making form inputs for Phoenix, while still giving the developer some customization options.


A simple Elixir package for implementing reCAPTCHA in Elixir applications.


Cluster your data with Elixir. This is work in progress, so please use with care.

How Fast is Elixir 1.5?

With the release of Elixir 1.5.0-rc0 and OTP 20, it's time to see just how much faster it is compared to Elixir 1.4 running on OTP 18. The results are very exciting as we measure the performance of two highly used features in Elixir: pattern matching on maps and ETS tables.