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Application Monitoring for Elixir applications

Amazing insights into errors and performance issues, plus host metrics and an easy to use custom metrics platform.

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Debugging Mix Dependencies Locally

Have you ever needed to debug a dependency, perhaps to track down a bug or maybe just to see how it works? In scripted languages like Ruby or JS, you can usually add debug statements, like puts "test" or console.log("test"), to the dependency’s code and see the output the next time you run your app.

Elixir Phoenix Application Development

Phoenix is rapidly becoming a very popular framework for building next-gen web applications. This guide will take you through getting a new (or existing) Phoenix application up-and-running using Nanobox.

How to send emails from Phoenix using Elixir and Mandrill.

Sending out emails using Mandrill is great for both sides of your team. Your designers/marketing team can build out an email using Mailchimp’s great UI designer. You can send out emails by just replacing merge_vars.

Designing a P2P Lending platform with Elixir in mind

With this post, I want to share with you the design process on one of our latest projects — a P2P marketplace that was intended to be used by one of largest European online lenders and all kinds of investors for securitization of their portfolios. And almost insane stack change that turned out to be a great idea.

How Discord Scaled Elixir to 5,000,000 Concurrent Users

From the beginning, Discord has been an early adopter of Elixir. The Erlang VM was the perfect candidate for the highly concurrent, real-time system we were aiming to build. We developed the original prototype of Discord in Elixir; that became the foundation of our infrastructure today. Elixir’s promise was simple: access the power of the Erlang VM through a much more modern and user-friendly language and toolset.