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Application Monitoring for Elixir applications

Amazing insights into errors and performance issues, plus host metrics and an easy to use custom metrics platform.

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TIL about key-value pairs in Elixir

Today I learned, that if you want to pass key-valued list in function, you can omit the brackets.

Elixir Microservice Architecture

This is a sketch of a microservice architecture using Elixir, Redis, HAProxy, and docker-compose. It showcases a kind of command/query responsibility separation, a load-balanced web API, and clustered queue-workers that are capable of message-passing amongst themselves.

Splitting APIs, Servers, and Implementations in Elixir

Elixir and Erlang have an interesting execution module. You program using processes and message passing, but they abstract this into the concept of servers. You call a function (typically GenServer.call(pid, args)) and this in turn send a message to the server identified by pid. Inside that server, you write callback functions that are invoked in response to these messages.

Discord's Use of Elixir to Handle Concurrency: A Template for Achieving High Performance

Like others who have followed Elixir's progress and adoption over the past several years, we love that Elixir has put the concurrency capabilities of Erlang within reach of the common developer, making it easy to crank out solid functionality that handles intense usage environments and traffic spikes.

Glatu: Elixir static site generator

Glayu is a static site generator for mid-sized sites that generate content frequently and have to deal with multiple categories, like magazines and newspapers. What makes Glayu different from other static site generators is the way it structures the source folder: when you publish an article using Glayu, the markdown file is placed inside a subfolder of the source directory following the permalink definition.