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Application Monitoring for Elixir applications

Amazing insights into errors and performance issues, plus host metrics and an easy to use custom metrics platform.

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Event Bus Implementation(s)

Event driven architecture pattern is a distributed asynchronous architecture pattern to create highly scalable reactive applications. The pattern suits for on every level application stack from small to complex ones. The main idea is delivering and processing events asynchronously.

New Debugging Tricks in iex

A look at new debugging features available in iex in Elixir 1.5 including function header mismatch identification, opening modules and functions in editors, and prying.

The fallacies of web application performance

Web application performance has always been a hot topic, especially in regards to the role frameworks play in it. It is common to run into fallacies when those discussions arise and the goal of this article is to highlight some of those.

From zero to Production Elixir in 1 month (1/2)

This is the first post (of 2) where my colleague Andre describes his first contact with Elixir and how he was able to deploy a non trivial app into prod in just a month time. On this post he explains the app and on the second part he will be giving some more details and drawing some conclusions from the standpoint of someone who just arrived into Elixir

Choosing Elixir for the Code, not the Performance

People like to argue about programming languages: “This one is better!” “No this one!”. In these discussion, often the performance card is pulled. This language is that much faster in these benchmarks or this company just needs that many servers now.