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Application Monitoring for Elixir applications

Amazing insights into errors and performance issues, plus host metrics and an easy to use custom metrics platform.

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Elixir in depth - reading and personal notes

Elixir is a hot and trendy topic nowadays. Of the newer languages that show up periodically on Hacker News, I found that people were the most positive about it, even moreso than Rust. But of course, no language is ever going to be a silver bullet.

Stateful GenServers in Elixir

A GenServer is stateful process in Elixir that has a generic server behaviour defined. What that means is that we can easily spawn a server process and a messaging system is already there. GenServer provides awesome abstraction for tracing, supervising and calling functions that can run asynchronously in the background.

Building An Image Upload API With Phoenix

For many API applications, there comes a time when the application needs to save images uploaded to the server either locally or on a CDN. Luckily for us, Elixir and Phoenix provide the tools we need to build a simple image upload API.

Creating Lenses in Elixir

In an effort to better my functional programming and Elixir understanding I thought I’d discuss lenses.

Continuous Deployment of an Elixir Phoenix Application to Heroku with Semaphore

Learn how to deploy an Elixir Phoenix app to Heroku and set up Semaphore to continuously deploy each time tests pass on the master branch.