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AppSignal: Error tracking and performance insights

AppSignal: Elixir’s first error monitoring and performance tool.

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Recurring Tasks in Elixir

Running periodic, or recurring tasks is a common undertaking for any web application. The stacks I’ve used in the past have all relied heavily on external databases and job queues to accomplish this task.

Test-Driving a Stream-powered Elixir Library

In this tutorial, we will test-drive an Elixir library and refactor it to leverage streams, while learning about Umbrella apps and handy testing techniques.

Test your GraphQL API in Elixir

I recently started developing a new Phoenix application that uses GraphQL. We decided to use the Absinthe GraphQL Library and it was the right decision so far. The maintainers are super nice and actively help with problems in the Elixir Slack channel. If you haven’t used GraphQL and want to learn about it, I can recommend you to go through How to GraphQL and I promise you, you will never want to go back and build a REST API again!

Adding an Email Verification Flow With Phoenix

Many modern web applications require users to verify their email address at one point or another. This is especially important when you have a billing process that sends receipts to your users. We can easily add this feature to applications with Elixir and Phoenix.

Controlling a Bitcoin Node with Elixir

Writing a simple Elixir application to communicate and control a Bitcoin Core full node through its JSON-RPC interface seems like a fantastic “hello world” exercise. Let’s get to it!