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AppSignal: Error tracking and performance insights

AppSignal: Elixir’s first error monitoring and performance tool.

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Mastering Elixir Releases with Distillery — A (Pretty) Complete Guide

A complete how to for creating Elixir Releases with Distillery. Including some tips for Phoenix, Ecto, and umbrella applications.

Lenses and Pattern Matching

received a question on focus’ GitHub page asking about convention around pattern matching and lenses. In an attempt to answer the question, this post touches on some differences between lenses and pattern matching, gives examples of how to perform operations with and without lenses, and demonstrates how lenses can make working with nested data structures easier.

Using CircleCI 2.0 with Elixir and Phoenix

I recently took advantage of CircleCI’s new 2.0 features in a Phoenix application and thought it was worth sharing here. CircleCI 2.0 boasts many new features but the most interesting ones to me were the native support for Docker images and their advanced caching features.


Elixir implementation of Bitcoin's address format for native SegWit outputs.


A Morphological Parser (Analyser) / Lemmatizer writen in Elixir. It is implemented using a textbook classic method relying in an abstraction called Finite State Transducer.