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AppSignal: Error tracking and performance insights

AppSignal: Elixir’s first error monitoring and performance tool.

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Blockchain based cryptocurrency proof-of-concept in Elixir

coinstack is a cryptocurrency proof-of-concept implemented in Elixir. It's an umbrella project that focuses on the 2 main components of (most of) the existing cryptocurrencies: the blockchain and digital transactions. It's goal is to be as simple as possible but complete enough to technically understand what's going on behind Bitcoin or Ethereum for example. It's also a way do dive more into Elixir and OTP.

How can I improve my simple permutation algorithm?

It lets me find all permutations of an array, what I do is find all shifts of array first (e.g. our array is [1,2,3], then shifts would be [2,3,1], [3,1,2] and [1,2,3]. I the go map each of them and if it's just two items - I switch them places, otherwise do all thing over again recursively.

Ecto vs ActiveRecord

Ecto is a database library that is used by default in Phoenix, but it can be used in any other Elixir project. It's important to mention Ecto is not an ORM. We can think of Ecto as a tool for mapping any type of data. Ecto is different from Active Record. It's easy for Rails developers who start using the Phoenix framework to think of Ecto as an alternative for ActiveRecord.

Cowboy 2.0 released

This is the new stable version of Cowboy. There are no new releases planned for the 1.x version of Cowboy.

User Authentication Kata with Elixir and Phoenix

It’s no secret that’s I’m a fan of code katas. Over the years I’ve spent quite a bit of time on CodeWars and other kata platforms, and I’ve written a large handful of Literate Commit style articles outlining kata solutions.