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AppSignal: Error tracking and performance insights

AppSignal: Elixir’s first error monitoring and performance tool.

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Rate-Limiting Phoenix (with Redis too)

Most web-apps in production probably need some kind of rate-limiting, to prevent rough clients from taking down the app by flooding it with expensive http requests. In this article we’ll see how to add rate-limiting to an Elixir/Phoenix application, using the Hammer package. We will also see how to switch the hammer backend so that it stores it’s data in Redis.

Everything you need to know about Elixir's new formatter

It’s been a big weekend! The new formatter that José mentioned in his ElixirConf talk is finally here! It landed on Sunday, and that means we can now poke around in the code to see everything that it does and answer a few burning questions.

Generate an API Swagger Specification

Welcome back! This time we’ll focus on how to generate and surface our API’s documentation, adding a route to help explore, and update our tests against the specification we generate! We’re in for a ride.

Learning to Crawl - Building a Bare Bones Web Crawler with Elixir

I’ve been cooking up a side project recently that involves crawling through a domain, searching for links to specific websites. While I’m keeping the details of the project shrouded in mystery for now, building out a web crawler using Elixir sounds like a fantastic learning experience.

Why Your Business Should Use Elixir

When starting banana, we had to decide which tool we would use to build our backend system. We had experience in many different languages and frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Go, Python, and Java, but we decided to try Elixir and the Phoenix framework.