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AppSignal: Error tracking and performance insights

AppSignal: Elixir’s first error monitoring and performance tool.

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Playing with Sockets and Processes in Elixir

I recently worked on a daemon application. No web stuff in this one. It served as a sink for real-time vehicle location data. It took all that data in on a normal TCP port. While I’ve done this kind of thing before, it’s been a while, and I hadn’t done it with Elixir before.

Writing documentation in Elixir

Have you ever worked on the project which contains no documentation? Did you have the desire to add documentation but didn’t know where to start? Well, now we can check how we can do that in Elixir and see how powerful that functionality is.

Encoding Ecto Validation Errors in Phoenix 1.3

I recently ran into this error while implementing the first endpoint of my Phoenix JSON API.

Experiences with Gigalixir/Heroku?

TLDR; Elixir newbie looking at free and/or easy hosting alternatives.

Elixir: Brackets Hell in Supervision tree

The Supervisor.Spec module was deprecated and does not work with the module-based child specs introduced in Elixir v1.5. Thus, all methods for supervision tree declaring were sugnificantly changed. It’s great time to understand the waterflow of passing arguments - from top-level Supervisor to low-level workers aka GenServers.