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How to Add Concurrent, Transactional End-To-End Tests in a Phoenix-Powered Ember App

In the latest release of phoenix_ecto (version 3.3.0), Chris McCord introduced some exciting changes, bringing the power of concurrent, transactional browser tests to our doorstep. The revised Phoenix.Ecto.SQL.Sandbox plug makes it a breeze to write client-side acceptance tests that hit actual API endpoints, rather than ones that execute against mocks.

Deploying Elixir applications with Docker

There are plenty of resources to help you learn Elixir, but perhaps, one of the most uncovered (yet not strongly opinionated) topics in the community is how to deploy Elixir applications. Hence, in this post, we want to introduce you the tools used to deploy Elixir applications with Docker and how you can set up an automated Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline.

Side projects in Elixir

Even if you don’t write Elixir for work, I think a good substitute for building up your Elixir chops is to work on side projects that involve Elixir programming. Thus, this post discusses the proper mindset for working on these side projects, as well as ways to optimize your limited time to achieve the best results. While this post is geared towards Elixir, one can apply the lessons here to learning any new skill or technology under time constraints.

Composable Queries with Ecto Part 2

In our prior example, we made use of pattern matching to filter the visibility of users based on the role of the user making a request. Combined with filters based on user-supplied criteria, we can narrow our result set.


Elegant error/exception handling in Elixir, with result monads.