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Operations, maintenance, and performance monitoring

WombatOAM: Everything you need to know about your Elixir system.

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The Toy Robot simulator (Part 1)

Now as we already covered the basics of Elixir in the previous articles we can try to practice a little bit. Here I would like to solve the Toy Robot Simulator problem which I’ve found here. I guess that is not original source and it was reposted at many other resources.

5 reasons you should use Phoenix instead of Rails in your next project

Whenever I started a new project in the past, Rails was my standard tool to go with. Having been using it for almost a decade, it was the perfect tool to get something done, in the most efficient and productive way.

Implementing API Authentication with Guardian in Phoenix

Most applications need some sort of authentication and authorization, and REST API’s are no different. If you are familiar with web development but have never worked on one that does not have a front end (like me), then the authentication functionality might stump you at first.

A primer on Elixir Stream

For many problems in programming, the most straightforward solution is to transform a list (E.g. map/filter/reduce etc over it). Once in a while, there will be problems which could be solved with list and transformations, except that the list is big and consumes lot of memory. Let’s say you want to export records in database as a csv report, it might not be possible to load the entire set of records in memory before the transformations can be applied to it. Stream abstraction in Elixir is designed to address these kinds of problems.

Need an Elixir dependency to manage recurring jobs? Not so fast!

In this post I’ll share with you a typical pattern for adding recurring jobs to your Elixir applications. I hope this can be of value to those new to Elixir/OTP.