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Incrementally moving to Elixir

Like many working in a legacy Ruby system and learning Elixir we were struggling to figure out how to start moving our code over. Here I wanted to share a technique we used a year ago to start the process.

Agents and Tasks in Elixir

We need recursively listen to messages, we need to handle timeouts and send messages. That looks like a lot of stuff which can lead to mistakes. To prevent that, Elixir provides us nice wrappers around processes such as Agents and Tasks. Agents allow us to keep a state and Tasks help us to run processes in parallel.

A blazing fast JSON parser and generator

The parser and generator are at least twice as fast as other Elixir/Erlang libraries (most notably Poison). The performance is comparable to jiffy - usually only twice as slow. When compiled with HiPE both parser and generator outperform even jiffy - usually by about 30%.


A complete payment library for Elixir and Phoenix Framework.

Elixir "with" syntax and guard clauses

In this blog post we will take a look at a simple example of refactoring Elixir code using with syntax (called a “special form” in the documentation), and guard clauses.