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More Elixir Code Quality Tools

The Elixir community is fast-moving, and there’s always new things to learn.Andrew Summers wrote in to mention a few more tools that I didn’t cover in my Elixir Code Quality Tools blog post.


GenClient is an elixir library made to generate boilerplate code that I found myself repeatedly writing and changing when working with GenServers. Every time I wanted to add or remove a parameter from a GenServer module I needed to do so in several places.

Live-debugging an Elixir memory/process leak

For a recent gig, I built a "Show Control" system that periodically (every minute) reaches out to various machines (could be via a HTTP endpoint or a raw TCP/IP connection) and runs a few commands, to ensure each machine is at the expected state. The most basic usage scenario is ensuring that machines are on or off depending on the venue's schedule of the day.

Building and configuring a Phoenix app with Umbrella for releasing with Docker

This tutorial goes through the process of building Elixir and Phoenix apps within an Umbrella project, releasing it with Distillery and containerizing it with Docker, ready for deploying in production. There's an accompanying repository for this tutorial, but you'll find commits related to each part linked in the article whenever it's relevant.

Periodic tasks with Elixir — Part 2

My post about performing recurring or periodic tasks in Elixir using receive timeouts and Tasks couple of weeks ago sparked quite a few conversations which was amazing! Thank you to everyone here on Medium, Twitter and in Reddit for sharing your experiences and suggesting alternatives.