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Detect, Diagnose and Defeat Elixir Errors 🏆

Rollbar detects when code breaks in real-time. Get stack trace + diagnostic data to defeat errors.

this week's favorite

Skooma – Elixir data validation library

Skooma is a simple data validation library for elixir. Skooma was developed to be used to describe and validate the incoming and outgoing data structures from a REST API, but it can easily be used throughout a code base. No one likes writing data schemas, so the main focus during development was to develop an API that allowed for quick and simple schema creation.

Mock current time in Elixir

Coming from the Ruby/Rails world I was searching for a way to mock the current time in my Elixir test suite, something like Timecop for Elixir. I didn’t find anything that suited my needs so I decided to give it a go by myself.

Simple web services with Ace + Elixir

Ace is a featherweight toolkit for developing web applications in Elixir. Many languages have similar projects, such as Sinatra for Ruby and Flask for Python. Such focused toolkits are great for moving quickly on simple applications.

Things I wish ActiveRecord had after using Ecto

A few years ago, I wrote an article about moving from Django to Rails. As I said there, I don't find it too hard moving from one programming language to another, as long as you have good knowledge on concepts they all share. Each language, of course, brings something on its own.

How to test Elixir Cluster of nodes using slaves

The beauty of Elixir/Erlang is that it ships with facilities to connect multiple nodes and have a cluster that can really take advantage of message passing, having a distributed environment out of the box. It doesn’t matter if the recipient process is on the same node or on another node, the VM will be able to deliver the message in both cases.