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Is ITSM Obsolete in a DevOps World?

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How to show all Ecto query data in iex.

Here’s a quick tip for those times when you’re querying Ecto data in iex. You’re running a query in your terminal using iex -S mix, and the data you’re getting back is truncated at the end.

Controllers, Views and Templates

Last time we have covered the very basics of Phoenix framework. We have managed to install a development environment and create the new project. Today we will proceed and build the basic application layout. As soon as we are building the chat application it would be nice to have rooms to separate conversations between users by topics or by groups of people.

Elixir added to Google Cloud Platform

Elixir tools to build fault-tolerant distributed apps, deploy at scale, and monitor in production.

Testing in Elixir:: Chapter 3: The outside world is scary…

So, in previous chapters we have taken a very micro view and approach to testing in Elixir. This has been necessary in order to get familiar with the basics upon which more complex test cases are built upon, but now is the time to move on.

Binary parsing optimizations in Elixir

Binary parsing is a significant part of almost every application: interactions with databases, data-interchange formats, integers and datetimes in string representation, etc. Making optimizations to those domains might result in substantial speed-up across the whole application.