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Detect, Diagnose and Defeat Elixir Errors 🏆

Rollbar detects when code breaks in real-time. Get stack trace + diagnostic data to defeat errors.

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Setting up a Docker development environment for Elixir+Phoenix

A true development-oriented config: Source code is mounted so that changes in the container appear on the host, and vice-versa. Fast re-builds because the DOCKERFILE is written to help Docker cache the images. Syncing with the Postgres startup delay. All the crappy little dependencies installed. No weird hacks.

Killing all socket connections for a user in Phoenix Framework

Sometimes you want to cut off all socket connections for a user in your application. A specific scenario: You deactivate a user, and while you protect your APIs from deactivated users, that socket is still open and they can still receive live events being broadcasted.

Implementing CRUD in Phoenix

Last time we have covered the models and we have created a rooms model to keep information about them. Even though those rooms are in the database now, we are not able to manage them. Let’s do that by implementing all available CRUD operations.

Build Instagram Clone with React-Native, GraphQL and Phoenix

This is an introduction of my incoming new series where we build an instagram clone using React-Native, Elixir, Phoenix, Grahpql, Apollo, Absinthe

28 Days of Elixir

I’ve set a goal to write a technical blog post every single day this month, and I’m really excited about Elixir right now. I don’t know what the entire series will bring, but I do know that I’ll basically have to be putting all of my thoughts and experiences about Elixir out there over the next month.