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Elixir v1.1 released

José Valim talks about the new Elixir 1.1 release.

Elixir Stream Patterns - Part 3

Joseph Kain continues in his series about stream patterns in Elixir.

Lambda Days Early Bird tickets will be released tomorrow!

Get your early bird ticket for Lambda Conference until the November 1 or until they run out.

Complete Guide to Deploying Phoenix Applications using Dokku 0.4.0

Praveen Perera describes how to deploy Phoenix application with Dokku 4.0 on Ubuntu based VM.

Ecto: Custom Types

Nice screencast about creating custom types with Ecto in Elixir.

Chaos Spawn

Chaotic spawning for elixir in the Netflix similar manner.

Function composition in Elixir


Programming Phoenix Book

Chris McCord, Jose valim and Bruce Tate teams up to write a book? This is an absolute must have for an aspiring Elixir web developer. In beta now.