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Phoenix on Heroku: Our Experience Getting CoinRecap.io Deployed

Heroku is a powerful service that abstracts away most of the typical DevOps work one must do to deploy a modern web app to the cloud. It’s therefore ideal for getting a service off the ground quickly. But is it a good fit for Elixir and Phoenix?

Using channels in Phoenix

In the previous articles, we have build interface for our chat application. We have also implemented the authentication functionality so our users can register and login to the app. Now it is time to implement the main feature of our application. The communication between users. We are going to cover the basics of working with Phoenix Channels.

Testing in Elixir:: Chapter 4: Processes, processes everywhere

In this chapter, we are going to look at Processes. These are the integral building blocks that allow Elixir to go from "Oh cool, it's like a functional version of Ruby" to "Oh my god, it's literal witchcraft" .

Ecto type for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Sometimes we want to store some type of data in the project's database that currently is not available as a valid internal data type to be persisted.

Forcing SSL in Phoenix Framework

Using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) in Phoenix Framework is simple. HTTPS encryption is an important step in securing transport-level data, but it also provides a streamlined experience to users in the browser. More browsers are discouraging the use of HTTP, which is good for users and the open web.


Full Stack Software Engineer at Bowery Farming in New York, NY

Software Engineering at Bowery involves developing software systems that power a modern farm. This includes building out work management, data collection, visualization, and farm automation systems. You’ll be part of idea generation, design, prototyping, planning, and the execution of new software components of all aspects of our farms.