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GitLab 10.1 released with Image Discussions and Rejection of Unsigned Commits

Manage your visual assets like you manage your code. Collaborate on design socially with resolvable image discussions. You can now click a specific location of an image (within a commit or a merge request) and start a discussion with respect to that place in the image. You can even have multiple discussions specifying different areas of an image. So once a discussion is settled, simply resolve it!

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Implementing SSH tunnels in Elixir

Erlang OTP includes a SSH application I thought I would attempt to implement SSH tunneling in Elixir, similar to how we can define tunnels using openSSH.

Introduction to Testing

Testing is an important part of software development. One might argue that projects can survive with manual testing only and many of them do.

Easy Session Testing in Phoenix and Plug

Many real world Phoenix applications use JWTs to handle authentication, but there are situations that still require being able to test session. This has traditionally been tedious in Elixir (see below). However, Plug has recently added functionality to make this very simple. It’s a relatively new feature and not very well documented online. While it is in the Plug docs, it is not in the Phoenix guides or most online resources. The only place I’ve seen it referenced is far down a Github issue.

Phoenix |> Strong Params

In this small article, lets look into a simple strong params implementation for our dear Rubysts! If you've been using Phoenix but miss this little thing about Rails I think you can find the presented approach interesting. But first, let's also look into the motivation and alternatives!

Floki find elements by text using a regular expression

Floki is a great Elixir library used to parse HTML and query the result using CSS selectors. CSS selectors have one big limitation: you can’t query by node’s text content, the standard still doesn’t have a support for it. To overcome this limitation Floki added the support for the contains selector, mostly known as the jQuery way of searching through DOM by text.