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BLIND - The Anonymous Social App for Tech Workers

CNN describes our app well: “Blind is an anonymous app for tech workers to discuss, debate and gossip about compensation, corporate policies, workplace harassment, and more.” Blind, which was once banned by Uber, is now used by 7,000+ Uber engineers, designers, and PMs. If you work in tech, your coworkers are on Blind. Download the app and join your coworkers today at TeamBlind.com!

this week's favorite

Choosing Elixir's Phoenix to power a real-time Web UI

A problem we needed to solve early on was deciding on the tooling that would power our metrics monitoring system. We needed our monitoring solution to provide real-time updates on the several steps a data message may take along the way within a Wallaroo application. We looked at various tools for building out our metrics monitoring system but ultimately decided on using Phoenix, a modern web framework, and by extension Elixir, as our tooling of choice.

Phoenix: UI tests using Hound

Let’s talk about User Interface (UI) testing. In the “Introduction to testing” article we have covered briefly what UI tests are standing on top of test pyramid. They cover several parts of functionality at once and check how do they work together. Today we will see them in action.

I/O polling options in OTP 21

Erlang/OTP 21 will introduce a completely new IO polling implementation. This new implementation comes with a new set of tuneable parameters that can be used to get the most out of your system. This blog post describes the parameters and attempts to describe what they should be used for.

Elixir - Parsers and Combinators

A talk that takes a brief look at NimbleParsec.

How I sped up my XML parser by 15 times

In the previous blog post we have showcased how possible optimizations can be made to binary parsing implementation in Elixir. This article aims to delineate how I have applied these techniques, in order to drastically speed up XML parsing.