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Giving a Broken Barcode Scanner New Life with Elixir and Nerves

I didn’t actually plan this project, but rather it found me. I was at the Scrap Exchange, a local reuse center, when I found a very nice looking scanner that you might find at a grocery store kiosk. It had been ripped from its connectors and had unlabeled wires hanging from it; a bit of hardware gore if such a thing exists.

Property-based testing

Last week I was visiting the ElixirConf EU 2018. Speakers were covering a bunch of interesting topics there. One of the most interesting ideas I’ve got out of those talks was a “Property-based testing” topic. That topic was covered by José Valim (the creator or Elixir) in the Keynote speech and then in more details by (a core team member) Andrea Leopardi.

Implement snapshot testing in Elixir

ResponseSnapshot is a testing tool for Elixir that captures the output of responses and ensures that they do not change in between test runs. The output is saved to disk, meant to be checked into source control. This output can be used by frontend and other tests to ensure proper integration between frontend and backend code, or to ensure that endpoint responses do not change over time.

Testing Phoenix Channels on a Mac App

In one of our current projects here at Coletiv we had the need to continuously keep the data synced between multiple mobile devices. The first solution that came to our minds to keep the state up to date was to poll the server each minute allied with push notifications.

Elixir and my ISO-8859-1 character encoding problem

Being from México, I have been wrestling with character encoding issues for a long time, in several languages… Now, it’s Elixir’s time.