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Connecting an Elixir Node to the Bitcoin Network

I’ve been writing about implementing the nuts and bolts of the Bitcoin protocol in Elixir, and while I’ve developed a rough understanding of how Bitcoin works at a fundamental level, Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer network, the thing that makes block propagation possible, has always felt like a mysterious black box.

The Token Approach for Architecting Flow in Elixir

In the last two posts we looked at the Token approach and how we can leverage metaprogramming to build pipelines and custom DSLs processing this Token.

Arbitrary code execution safely with lua and elixir

For quite some time I have been building out a rules engine for my upcoming saas product AppDoctor. The idea is, when given a dynamic object of data, allow users to define rules to trigger certain actions. I ended up building my own DSL to expose a standard set of elixir functions.

Building a distributed chatroom with Raxx.Kit

Raxx.Kit is a project generator to start developing web applications with Raxx and Elixir. Raxx is a toolkit focused on building the web layer for all kinds of Elixir applications.

My OTP 21 Highlights

OTP-21 Release Candidate 1 has just been released. I thought that I would go through the changes that I am the most excited about. Most likely this will mostly mean features in erts and the core libraries as those are the changes that I am the most familiar with.