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this week's favorite

Efficient data loading in Elixir

A talk about efficient data loading in Elixir using the deferrable pattern - build super fast GraphQL resolvers.

Elixir Memory - Not Quite Free

I have been working on a shipping an Elixir service at SalesLoft to replace an existing piece of functionality in our system with a better version. One of the core changes is that the websocket communication of this system will be maintained by Elixir rather than by Pusher (our Rails goto). This post is going to explore some of the surprises and valuable lessons that I gained while debugging memory leaks in the service.

Reversing BIP-39 and the Power of Property Testing

Implementing the reverse of this algorithm seemed straight-forward at first, but it quickly led me down a rabbit hole that showed me just how powerful property-based testing can be.

Making a unified tagging system with many to many ecto relations

Today we're taking on a somewhat larger task. We're building out some CMS-like features for a Phoenix app. The goal is to make it possible to publish multiple types of content—starting with blog articles, screencast episodes and resource links. Furthermore, we want to handle these types of content in such a way that they can be tagged with topics and liked by users in a unified way. Finally, we want to set up some properties common to all types of content, like whether or not it has been published and whether or not they are restricted to logged-in users.

Why isn't Erlang/Elixir used in scientific or AI circles?

They all seem to use python with interfaces to C libraries. In order to make up for the python lack of concurrency they use celery to launch multiple instances. Seems to me Elixir would be perfect for this task.