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Waiting too long for code reviews? Pull Reminders lets you setup Slack reminders for pull requests and motivate your team using metrics and leaderboards. Pull Reminders is used by over 400 companies including Pivotal, GitHub, Webflow, Automattic, SaltStack, and Sensu.

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How to use Materialize CSS with Phoenix

Let’s start with greenfield Phoenix application and integrate Material Design using front-end framework called “Materialize”. Once we have our new Phoenix application, we can remove assets/css/phoenix.css. We won’t need it. In addition, I’ve put some examples from the Materialize page just see more element on that page later. After those preparations, we are ready to add the library to our project.

Designing Token APIs for Architecting Flow in Elixir

In previous articles, we discussed the Token approach and examined when to use a Plug-like Token and when to look at other options. A Token is basically a struct which contains all information relevant to a certain use-case.

Nested Layouts With Phoenix

Over the last few weeks, we have been building a web application in one of our clients and ended up duplicating some template code. These new pages had something in common between them, but not with the rest of the application. We needed an inner layout to reuse the template code between these pages, however, Phoenix doesn’t come with this feature. In this post, you’ll learn how you can build nested layouts in Phoenix and when you should use them.

Your Elixir bucket for debugging

While debugging and experimenting with apis in javascript, I usually set a variable on window and then play with it in the console.

Why did you decide to learn Elixir?

Reddit discussion full of interesting reasons to pick up the beautiful language.