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Best practices for deploying Elixir apps

Figuring out how to deploy your Elixir app can be confusing, as it's a bit different from other languages. This post describes how we deploy apps with the reasons behind our decisions. We have created a working example template which puts all the pieces together to get you started quickly. This post gives more background and links to advanced topics.

Putting It All to Work: Elixir, Poolboy, Mogrify, AndreaMosaic

In this post I’ll show you what I did with data and Elixir, Poolboy, Mogrify, AndreaMosaic. I normally attempt to use new technologies so I can learn from real problems. Some years ago I did a Web crawler that scrapped the news from the most popular media websites in my city. I did a Facebook bot so people could read all the news in one place.

How to use Webpack and React with Phoenix 1.3

If you are building an app with the heavy focus on front-end. You may want to use Webpack to get some benefits out of it. Especially if you also would like to add React to your project. Webpack is quite popular nowadays. Starting from version 1.4, Phoenix will support it out of the box for assets management. What if we want to start using it now before Phoenix 1.4 is released. That is not a problem. We can manually replace Brunch with Webpack now.

Rethinking app env

What is app env, and what should we use it for?

In Defense of gen_event

gen_event has drawn ire from Erlang and Elixir developers for a while. Many posts have been written, and more than one conference talk has been given on various alternatives to gen_event. In this post, I make the case that despite its warts and age, gen_event is still a very useful module to know. I also make the case that its core design is ultimately a lot more flexible than many people give it credit for.