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You can land your dream job. Practice for FREE and get awesome job offers

Just because you can code, doesn't mean you can pass a coding interview. Pramp is a peer-2-peer mock interviews platform, where you can practice your coding skills on demand. Pramp's matching algorithm will make sure you'll get to practice with other awesome engineers like yourself. After a few successful mock interviews, we'll reach out with real job offers at top companies.

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Using Credo to improve your Elixir code

At the beginning of my Ruby on Rails career, I was using the “Rails Best Practices” code metric tool. The intent of the tool is pretty simple. It provides you suggestions how to improve your code. The best part of it, that on the https://rails-bestpractices.com website I was able to find detailed instructions why and how to fix those issues.

Seeding a Bitcoin wallet in Elixir

How to build an HD wallet with extended keys in Elixir?

Pretty URLs in Phoenix using names or slugs

This is the easiest way to make your Phoenix app use pretty URLs. Instead of URLs like users/3, we'll set up this vanilla Phoenix app to have URLs like users/Jesse. The same technique will let you link to blog posts by title slug, instead of number, etc...

Let's do Elixir and Phoenix together

Chris McCord's talk from ElixirConf EU 2018.

Phoenix Routes

One of the first things you’ll probably do when building a new Phoenix application is to define some routes. In this episode we’ll look at how we can use the Phoenix to create different routes for our application.