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You still need to care about locks with transactions

My mental model of Postgres’s transactions was that it used MVCC (Multiversion Concurrency Control): it kept around multiple copies of rows and transactions automatically kept track of which version they used on their first read or write. When it was time to COMMIT the transaction, the server checked if that starting number matched the row’s current, outside-of-transactions number and if it did for all modified rows, then the transaction succeeded, if not, then it rolled back. There was no need for user supplied locks and the server internally didn’t use locks either.

Long-lived processes in Elixir

One of the things that I loved about Elixir when I first started using the language was the fact that everything runs inside a process (an Erlang VM process, not an operating system process). Each process is lightweight and isolated, and creating and destroying them is fast. As such, Elixir’s processes are front and center, which makes interacting with them both necessary and wonderful.

Publishing Elixir packages to Hex.pm

When you are developer and work on different projects, sooner or later you would face a need to extract some part of functionality into separate libraries to reuse it.

Building a Raspberry Pi weather station with Elixir/Nerves

Capturing weather data is useless without saving / displaying it. Lake Effect will send the data it captures to a Phoenix application over HTTPS in JSON format. I did not want to dig a trench to run power/ethernet to the shed, it is around 100 feet from the house. Life is too short to dig holes for fun! Wireless will be used for connectivity and solar for power (future project). Setting up the wireless connection within Nerves is easy.

My OTP 21 Highlights

OTP 21 is out! 🎉 In this post I’m going to list things that, I think, will matter the most for Elixir users.