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Using Phoenix with Webpack and Docker

Phoenix 1.4 is set to use Webpack but Phoenix 1.3 currently uses Brunch. Here's how to get Webpack working with Phoenix 1.3.

Setting up Brotli on Nginx or Phoenix

Brotli is a relatively new compression format that has two big advantages over gzip. It's faster at compressing things and it compresses them down to nearly ~25% smaller files!

Dave Thomas: Keynote

Dave's keynote from EMPEX technical conference focusing on Elixir, Erlang, and all things BEAM.


Plexy helps developers write and maintain excellent APIs. It integrates well with other services by implementing logs-as-data, request/response instrumentation, request IDs, and encourages good defaults for logging and exception reporting.

7 ways of doing Fizz Buzz in Elixir and other clickbaity stuff

Every developer “worth their salt” knows how to implement FizzBuzz, It is a program which prints the following.