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Full Stack Fest 2018: Bring Back the Web

Fancy a week in Barcelona? Would you like to hear about Distributed systems, new browser APIs, Machine Learning, WebXR, PWA or Cryptography? Then Full Stack Fest is for you! Get a 15% discount using the code ELIXIR.

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A dive into database multi-tenancy in Elixir with Ecto

Some tips and experiences about the migration of an application with a regular database to a multi-tenancy one in Elixir with Ecto.

Build your own GenServer in 49 lines of code

As you may guess, this article is not about rebuilding the Elixir GenServer. It’s already there and it works great. And that’s what interests me the most: why it works great?

A Gentle Introduction to GraphQL with Elixir and Phoenix

Getting A Working GraphQL Application!

Why You Too Should Learn Elixir

I feel like Ruby on Rails is getting old, and I’m not saying that as a bad thing. It’s just that it lost its cutting edge aura and it toned down its coolness factor (if that’s a thing) as far as I am concerned.

Practical guide to test doubles in Elixir

Draw a clear line between fakes, stubs, mocks, and spies in Elixir, and learn how to use them.