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The Ecto Query Library

Lew Parker deep dives into Ecto and discusses queries.

Writing Elixir Library

Ilija Eftimov shows how to create an elixir library and package it up with mix

Rails to Phoenix: getting started with Ecto

Tommy Fisher gives an introduction to Ecto for developers with Rails background.

ElixirConf 2015 Interviews

Functional Geekery episode from Elixir conf 2015 with a few short interviews with various people.

The Three Times I've Drawn for Tech Conference Talks

Good selection of (mostly) Elixir talks by Avdi Grimm, Steven Proctor and Torben Hoffmann.

Mocks and explicit contracts

José Valim shares his thought on mocks and explicit contracts in Elixir.

Embedding Elixir Structs in Ecto Models

Josh Steiner shows how to embed structs into Elixir Ecto models.

Creating a Todo Application using the Phoenix Framework and Ember.js

Mark Haylock created a good old Todo MVC with Ember on the front end and Elixir with Phoenix on the backend.

Understanding Lists

BEAMing With Joy

Elixir Fountain 2015-10-16 Rob Conery