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Full Stack Fest 2018: Bring Back the Web

Fancy a week in Barcelona? Would you like to hear about Distributed systems, new browser APIs, Machine Learning, WebXR, PWA or Cryptography? Then Full Stack Fest is for you! Get a 15% discount using the code ELIXIR.

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How to Build a Back-Pressure Queuing System in Elixir with sbroker

The sbroker Erlang library provides building blocks for creating a pool and/or a load regulator. It uses the broker pattern, where the communication to the service worker is handled by a broker that is responsible for the coordination between workers and the calls to them.

Generating Image Thumbnail In Elixir Phoenix With ImageMagick

Thumbnails becomes inevitable part of the process when dealing with images. They provide us a way to give a peek through the original image which helps in building rich user experience in modern applications.

Parsing Numbers in Elixir

In this post we’ll first explain how to convert strings to integers in Elixir. This will be quick and useful. After that we’ll go straight down the rabbit hole and explain the underlying algorithms. This is the Alchemy we love. It may help you implement a parser for something similar, but it will definitely satisfy your curiosity about the mathematical ideas behind parsing numbers in Elixir.

Elixir v1.7 released

A new semester has started, which means it is time for a new Elixir release! This release brings quality of life improvements to the documentation, to error handling, to logger reporting, and to ExUnit, Elixir’s testing library.

My experience as a beginner in Elixir. And why you should try it too…

Lately, I’ve been using Elixir, an incredible programming language. You might not have heard about it, since it is not that popular right now. However, in just the few months I’ve been learning and playing with it, I have been able to realize how the future of software development looks like.


Elixir Backend Engineer (Vienna, or remote)

We’re looking to hire a backend Elixir developer to join our team working on PSPDFKit for Web. PSPDFKit is the leading PDF framework on iOS, it’s used by Dropbox, IBM and Evernote, and we want PSPDFKit for Web to match and surpass that level. Our backend technology stack includes Elixir, PostgreSQL, and Docker.