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Performing Bulk Updates with Ecto And Elixir

Updating one database row in Ecto is straightforward. But figuring out how to bulk update rows using Ecto without updating one record at a time?

From $erverless to Elixir

I recently rewrote a service that was on AWS API Gateway and Lambda in Elixir and apparently that intrigued some people, so I decided to do a small write up.

Announcing Distillery 2.0

It has been several months since my last update, which covered my plans for where to take Distillery in 2.0, and how it would pave the way for releases in Elixir core. It’s been longer than expected, but I’m excited to finally show the community where we’ve landed, and where things are going next.

Excel Friendly CSV Exports with Elixir

Love it or hate it, CSV is a format many developers have to deal with at some stage. It’s lightweight and it’s understood by many platforms and humans. However, if you’re using non-ASCII characters (like an umlaut on the word über or accent in José) and you have users viewing your CSV files in Microsoft Excel, things get a bit more complicated.

Blazing fast Elixir configuration

One awesome aspect of the Elixir community is its pursuit of high performance. So, I set out to benchmark and compare the two common Elixir configuration usages.