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Computing Fingering Distance with Dr. Levenshtein

Jumping off after our previous two articles on Voice Leading with Elixir, and Algorithmically Fingering Guitar Chords with Elixir, we’re left with a series of chord voicings ranked according to how well they voice lead from our starting chord, and the set of all possible fingerings for each of these voicings.

Quote Do, Unquote, Use, Require, and Import?

Let’s take a minute to go over how classes get their methods in Ruby and then look at the steps that I took to better understand the world of Elixir.

Nerves Helps Drive Sustainable Farming Project

Embedded systems are making machines and devices smarter and more accessible across a range of industries, from manufacturing and farming to energy and transportation. In particular, Nerves, a specialized ecosystem for building advanced embedded systems using the Elixir programming language, is making waves in the engineering and business communities. In this series, DockYard explores how embedded software and Nerves are shaping new applications.

Receiving messages in Elixir

As you know Elixir programs use processes to run pretty much everything, and in order to communicate between processes, Elixir uses message passing. In this blog post we cover scenarios that could result in degraded messaging performance, which in turn can ruin your overall application performance. Sounds interesting? Of course it does!

Using Facades to Simplify Elixir Modules

A common trend I see in Elixir projects is that modules tend to become large. Sometimes very large. This isn’t necessarily an issue, but it goes against some deep seated heuristics I have for building software.