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A story of regret and retiring a library from Hex

In short, you don’t bind variables through the usual %{username: username} = map pattern matching. You instead use a short-hand syntax that lets you reduce the repetition.

Minimal Elixir JSON RESTful API

In this article, I show you how to implement a minimal HTTP2 server in Elixir exposing JSON RESTful API without any extra framework.

How to write a super fast link shortener with Elixir, Phoenix, and Mnesia

Bitly charges $500 per month so lets learn how to create a super fast link shortener with Elixir and it's built in in-memory database Mnesia.

Building an Elixir Stream

Building an Elixir Stream is the third blog of our #ElixirOverload Takeover. You can also read the other Elixir-based content in this series including Receiving Messages in Elixir by Oleg Tarasenko, and To Pipe or Not To Pipe by Joe Yiasemides.

Phoenix’s LiveView: Client-Side Elixir At Last?

The new feature, tentatively called “LiveView”, allows developers to add dynamic, client-side interactions to web pages, using code that runs in Elixir on the server.