Digests ยป 17

this week's favorite

How to set tests as pending in your ExUnit suite

Ilija Eftimov shows how to mark Elixir tests as pending for future implementation.

Elixir concepts for Go developers

A good resource on getting into Elixir especially if you already dipped your toes into Go.

Rails to Phoenix: querying with Ecto

Tommy Fisher continues his series of posts targeted on Rails developers with the one focused on queries with Ecto.

Streaming data through a pool

Joseph Kain continues the topic of streaming and this time discusses the usage of a pool that manages a set of processes in Elixir or Erlang.

Connect Four in Elixir (Part 1)

Wendy Smoak on writing the connect four game in elixir and comparing the solution to he ruby one.

Filter params in Phoenix

Ilja Fetimov describes how to filter request parameters in Phoenix with Elixir.

Elixir Fountain with Sonny Scroggin

Elixir fountain podcast this week with Sonny Scroggin is out.

Wrapping Up My Elixir Tcp Experiments

Final thoughts by David Beck on his Tcp implementation in Elixir with performance benchmarks included.

Handling Errors in Elixir, No one say Monad.

Peter Saxton describes how to handle errors with Elixir.