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How to use LISTEN and NOTIFY PostgreSQL commands in Elixir?

In this article, I'm explaining how you can benefit from LISTEN and NOTIFY Postgres database features in Elixir applications.

Interesting bug when using anonymous functions with Task.Supervisor

Working on BlockScout for POA Network, we’ve moved beyond indexing just POA Network’s core and test chains and started to test that BlockScout can index Ethereum Mainnet and Ethereum Classic (ETC). The goal of BlockScout is to have an open-source alternative to the closed-source Etherscan that the majority of the Ethereum ecosystem is currently dependent on.

A sneak peek at Ecto 3.0: breaking changes

We have spent the last 3 months working hard to release Ecto 3.0. As we get closer and closer to Ecto 3.0 release, we will do a series of blog posts highlighting what is up and coming.

Verifying request signatures in Elixir/Phoenix

If you're working with public APIs a common security task is to verify request signatures to prove the request is coming from who you believe you are really talking to.

Game development with Elixir

I was wondering if I could create something similar to Flash movieclips with #ScenicUX and accidentally made Shadow of the Beast