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Timex and Ecto: Troubleshooting

It has been 5 months since I started learning Elixir and Phoenix, and has been quite a ride. Most of the experience has been great but sometimes I find some issues that are hard to tackle. A while ago I needed to use a better notion of time in our project, and after a little bit of research I found Timex and Timex Ecto library for Elixir.

Phoenix with image upload to S3 in an API: Implementation and testing

Here it is, another small article about the implementation of a new functionality in the API service we are building using Elixir and Phoenix.

A sneak peek at Ecto 3.0: performance, migrations and more

One of the most notable performance improvements in Ecto 3.0 is that schemas loaded from an Ecto repository now uses less memory.


Transparent bi-directional communication for clients, servers and more GenBrowser gives every client a unique identifier that can be used to send messages to/from/between clients.

How to use Elixir LS with Vim

If you’ve been following the story of Visual Studio Code, there is a chance you’ve heard of another recent creation from Microsoft: the Language Server Protocol.