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Building the NetStats System Dashboard for Ethereum-based platform

In this blog post, we will focus primarily on the dashboard we have created, however, if you want more information on the POA Network you can check their website where they concisely explain what they are doing, and you can also check the code! You’ll find info for this at the bottom of this post.

Updating Hex.pm to Ecto 3.0

Ecto 3.0 is just around the corner and as you may already know it reached stable API. To make sure everything works properly I thought I’ll try updating one of the first projects that ever used Ecto: Hex.pm.

Introducing Gremlex

If you want to use a graph database in your Elixir application, but don’t want to write database commands as raw strings, you’re in luck. Gremlex is a lightweight, simple to use library for composing Gremlin queries. The Gremlin graph-traversal language is available on all Apache TinkerPop™- enabled graph databases, including AWS Neptune, CosmosDB, Neo4j, and OrientDB.

Elixir: The power of truly distributed systems

Most tech startups’ lifecycles start with a dark age. There you are, grasping about for product-market fit, not worrying too much about the future. You might not actually find one.

ActiveRecord Smell With Elixir/Ecto

ActiveRecord is arguably the worst approach to deal with the database ever existed. While object-relational mapping definitely might bring some goodness to our lives, the rules AR is built upon can sometimes be shooting our legs.