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CyberSource Payment System — The implementation guide using Elixir

This is the guide we wanted to find before starting the integration of CyberSource payment system into our project. It will glimpse into the problems faced trying to integrate a new payment system using a SOAP service into an Elixir module.

Starting with Elixir, the Study Guide

While I was studying Elixir, I had the opportunity to read many books and watch many talks, but I felt very lost because I didn’t know what I had to read or which exercises to do, in order to become a better functional Elixir developer.

Maintainable test setup with scenario pipelines

Setup blocks are a bad idea for sharing setup between tests. Setup pipelines are a much more manageable way.

Phoenix 1.4.0

Phoenix 1.4 is out! This release ships with exciting new features, most notably HTTP2 support, improved development experience with faster compile times, new error pages, and local SSL certificate generation. Additionally, our channel layer internals received an overhaul, providing better structure and extensibility. We also shipped a new and improved Presence javascript API, as well as Elixir formatter integration for our routing and testing DSLs.

Using Phoenix.PubSub to manage side effects

In a normal cycle of a request we do a couple of things before we show something to the user. A CRUD request is received, we do something on the database and return the data on the page that’s shown to the user. Because of this, it takes some time before the user gets shown what he requested.