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Event Sourcing in React, Redux & Elixir — how we write fast, scalable, real-time apps

Our front-end is built with React using Redux and Sagas; and talks to an Elixir back-end using Phoenix Channels — a WebSockets wrapper. What’s different about this compared to a normal React app is that all state changes in Redux are propagated to all connected clients, and whats more, we can replay any meeting to new members who join later, or rewind events and play them back to any point in time.

Getting started with Scenic in Elixir — Crafting a simple snake game

There’s a new UI framework in town, how hard is it to build a simple game with it? Not much, actually!

Programming Elixir 1.6 — Chapter 1 and 2 Summaries

In my day to day, I write a lot of code in both JavaScript and Ruby. I’ve always enjoyed learning new programming languages — I’m a firm believer that new languages and paradigms can really expand the way you think about code. So my goal with this new series of blog posts is to share my own learning of a programming language that I’ve heard a lot about recently: Elixir.

10 Killer Elixir Tips #1

Why do Erlang modules look like atoms in Elixir?

This is a post about how Elixir knows the difference between Erlang modules, Elixir modules, and Elixir atoms.