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Quick tips & tools for analysing Erlang/Elixir crash dumps

At Coletiv we have been using Elixir as our weapon of choice to develop resilient backend services for almost 2 years already, and we have never experienced downtime. But a few days ago one of our Elixir based server “went down”.

Elixir nested modules, imports, and aliases

Elixir dotted namespacing is not sophisticated. As in Erlang, a module name is just an atom. A namespaced module name like Nesting.Nested is really just an alias to the atom :"Elixir.Nesting.Nested"; the namespacing is a convention rather than something built into the language.

Creating an HTTP Server using pure OTP

Recently I needed to add a healthcheck endpoint to an application that was solely responsbile for reading and writing to Kafka. Normally when I am creating an HTTP application I would reach for Cowboy or Phoenix, however, this use case was very simple: I just needed a single endpoint that would return 200 OK once the application was up and running and was healthy.

Programming Elixir 1.6 — Chapter 4 Summary

Welcome back to my 3rd entry in this Programming Elixir 1.6 Chapter By Chapter series. In case you didn’t read the other posts in this…

Kubernetes Native Phoenix Apps: Part 3

Now that we’ve established a viable workflow for building and running our application in Docker containers, it’s time to take our first pass at running those containers on Kubernetes!