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Just because you can code, doesn't mean you can pass a coding interview. Pramp is a peer-2-peer mock interviews platform, where you can practice your coding skills on demand. Pramp's matching algorithm will make sure you'll get to practice with other awesome engineers like yourself. After a few successful mock interviews, we'll reach out with real job offers at top companies.

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Why Discord, Pinterest, Moz and Bleacher Report use Elixir

ages and services previously written in java or Ruby which encountered issues with concurrency and scalability, found converting to Elixir very beneficial. In my latest article, I have examined examples of companies like Discord, Pinterest, Bleacher Report and Moz improving their services' performance with Elixir.

Simulating Distributed Clusters for Elixir Unit Tests

During the recent addition of distribution to Cachex, I realised that testing distributed behaviour is quite annoying. Although there's a tonne of useful inside the OTP standard library, it's not particularly obvious if you don't know what you're looking for. Most projects (such as Phoenix) roll their distributed tests around these standard tools directly, which means that there's little out there in terms of utilities for the general masses.

How to get an MD5 hash of your request using a Plug and Phoenix

In a recent project, I had to implement idempotent API endpoints in a Phoenix application. And as a part of this, I had to store the MD5 hash of each request body along with its idempotency key and other request data. And the latest Plug makes this easier thanks to this PR.

Battleship Elixir: Json sunk my Float

As the legend goes, Brendan Eich wrote the first version of Javascript over the course of 10 days in 1995. Among many compromises, Javascript was designed to have only one numeric type, the floating point IEEE 754. Extracted from this quirky language we get JSON, a serialization format that is the literal object notation of Javascript. Today, JSON is used nearly everywhere in almost every programming language and computing platform.

AtomVM: how to run Elixir code on a 3 $ microcontroller

AtomVM is a tiny portable virtual machine that allows BEAM code to run on microcontrollers with less than 500KB of RAM such as the ESP32.