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Using Leex and Yecc in Elixir

Sometimes regular expressions are not enough. Sometimes there needs to be a higher-level construct, a driver that directs the process of parsing, building a complex data structure along the way.

Announcing PushEx: Open-Source WebSocket Push Server in Elixir

I’m happy to announce the open-sourcing of a project that I’ve been putting a good deal of time and effort into, PushEx. PushEx is a WebSocket push server built in Elixir; it allows you to send payloads from your servers to your users in real-time. In this post, I will go in-depth about the problem PushEx solves, why I’m excited about it, and why Elixir is perfect for the problem space.

Building a new MySQL adapter for Ecto, Part II: Encoding/Decoding

Last time we briefly looked at encoding and decoding data over MySQL wire protocol. In this article we’ll dive deeper into that topic, let’s get started!

Build a Simple Persistent Key-Value Store in Elixir, using Logs - Part 2

In this part we'll do a step further, making both keys and values persistent, being able to recover the Index in the case of a failure.

Elixir and Erlang coming to AWS Lambda

I remember the excitement when AWS Lambda was announced in 2014! Four years on, customers are using Lambda functions for many different use cases. For example, iRobot is using AWS Lambda to provide compute services for their Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners, Fannie Mae to run Monte Carlo simulations for millions of mortgages, Bustle to serve billions of requests for their digital content.