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Elixir: Example React App

Having an example react project to test out our server side rendering solution is crucial to the development process. In this episode we will be showing you how to download the example project.

Do you break your Elixir eggs on the big end or the little end?

Most of the time when dealing with an Elixir app, you do not have to worry about how your binaries are being represented (at least, I didn’t have to). But recently, while implementing the proof-of-work algorithm for Ethereum called Ethash, I found myself having to care a lot about the endianess of binaries.

How to start leaning Elixir + Phoenix during the holidays

Recently i have started to explore the wonderful world of functional programming with Elixirand the Phoenix 1.4 Framework.

Fibonacci Algorithms in Elixir - Part 2

I’m going to update the implementatios I used in my last blog post so they use Erlang processes to store previously computed Fibonacci numbers. I’ll then benchmark each implementation against the Fibonacci implementation to see how much processes sped things up.

Introduction to Jaxon: a JSON parser with streaming support for Elixir

Jaxon is a JSON parser that supports partial parsing and streaming of big documents using JSON path expressions.