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Introducing Whistle, a different approach to building interactive web apps in Elixir

The day I first found out about Redux, everyone seemed to be talking about "isomorphic" JavaScript, code that could run in both the client and the server, this got me thinking about whether it would be possible to move the reducers to the server and only communicate messages and current state to the clients via the network.

Building a Basic HTTP Server with Elixir and OTP

A few days ago, I read a post about Why you shouldn’t use a web framework that gave me a bit of inspiration. Frameworks are great tools for full-fledged apps, but sometimes you don’t need or want all the magic a framework provides.

Counting Real-Time Trades

In the Real-time Market-Data Updates with Elixir article, we have seen how to build a Coinbase WebSocket client and receive real-time trades. In the comments of the article, a reader asked how many trades we receive per second. In general, the rate of trades depends on the product and the time of day.

Understanding Compile Time Dependencies in Elixir

This blog post will cover a fairly trivial but still interesting problem that I encountered at work today. I think it’s worth writing about simply because it’s a bit non-obvious and will probably happen to other people as well. It also is a good time to reinforce our understanding of how the Elixir compiler works and why the order of things matters.

Building a new MySQL adapter for Ecto Part IV: Ecto Integration

After DBConnection integration we have a driver that should be usable on its own. The next step is to integrate it with Ecto.